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COVID-19 Response

In 2020-2021, education around the world has faced new challenges.
For migrant education in Thailand, schools were faced with pandemic closures, increasingly strained funding and food insecurity. The migrant learning community proves again to be resilient: Together we have worked to meet these needs, and together we look towards a post-pandemic migrant education system that is stronger than before.

                                                  HOME-BASED LEARNING HANDBOOK 


Home-Based Learning Handbook.png

The handbook is available in:

Together with Help without Frontiers Thailand Foundation and with the support of UNICEF Thailand, this handbook documents Home-Based Learning and other alternative education methods utilized by migrant education stakeholders in Tak Province in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Although different approaches to education are suitable for different situations, this handbook outlines the response used by education providers in this context in Tak Province and can offer some experience-based advice on how to continue delivering education in emergency situations.


In response to the pandemic, TeacherFOCUS, education partners and Migrant Learning Centers have needed to reimagine education. As a result, MLCs are focusing on home-based continuous education for migrant children, social emotional support for students and safe school preparations for when the Thai Ministry of Education allows MLCs to reopen. 


Emergency Dry Food Distributions


Thanks to the support of the Swiss Embassy Bangkok, every teacher in our community has received a dry food pack. 660 packs with staples like rice, oil, chili and dried fish were distributed. Migrant teachers provide important social support to students in our community, especially during crises like this pandemic.

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