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Health and Safety protocols in Thailand dictate that if someone tests positive for COVID-19, their community is locked down for 14 days. While this ensures limited spread of the virus, already marginalized migrant families often live day-to-day and don’t have enough food to feed their family for the duration of the lockdown. At the same time, due to ongoing unrest in Myanmar, support for healthcare, dry food, and shelter is urgently needed. Under normal circumstances our organizations work to support quality education for migrant children but due to the pandemic and the current situation in Myanmar, we have shifted our priorities and programs to focus on emergency response. There are inescapable needs that require our urgent attention before anything else. Our organizations are based on the Thai-Myanmar border at a hub for Burmese migrants and refugees. Our team is in a position to be able to respond quickly and efficiently to the critical needs of these communities as they happen, but we need your help to continue to do it.



Migrant youth leaders are championing migrant rights. In 2021-2022, youth leaders will grow their advocacy skills while developing projects to uphold migrant rights. Over the 9-month programs, youth leaders will build professional skills and knowledge of human rights. TeacherFOCUS is honored to work alongside these youth as change agents in migrant communities!  


TaskFORCE is a team which provides support for out-of-school children to enroll in Thai or Migrant Schools. Starting in 2020, the TaskFORCE team has visited communities where parents want to send their children to Thai School. These field visits allow the team to meet with parents whose children have dropped out from school due to difficult circumstances. Since the process and Thai language are both barriers, the TaskFORCE team explains to students and parents when and how to enroll in Thai schools.




Teacher capacity building aims to improve migrant education for both teachers and students, with the ultimate goal of official recognition by the Myanmar MOE. Teachers hone their practice, reflecting on their strengths and areas of improvement using TeacherFOCUS's observation tool, based on Myanmar's Teacher Competency Standards Framework. 

TeacherFOCUS Project Partners

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